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Biometric terminal BioLink FingerPass TM

BioLink FingerPass TM is a biometrically-enabled cost-effective terminal for time management systems.

The terminal is a proper choice for time attendance in large-scale enterprises (hotels and business centers, manufacturing facilities, commercial premises and warehouses) with no need for access control.

It also suits small- and middle-sized companies intending to have their work time managed but unwilling to overpay extra functions.


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Key Features

  • Fast identification speed
  • Color LCD display with backlight enables comfortable usage in poorly lit rooms
  • Operation modes: standalone device or via IP-network
  • Flash memory stores up to 1500 fingerprints and 50,000 events)
  • Bi-color LED indicates accept/reject events
  • User-friendly sensor keypad
  • Advanced security through the utilization of the innovative fingerprint matching algorithm. Fingerprints are stored as digital templates; there's no way to restore of the original fingerprint image from template.


  • 32-bit processor
  • Optical fingerprint scanner (resolution 500 dpi)
  • Mifare contactless card reader
  • Graphical color LCD display
  • Bi-color LED indicator (red and green)
  • 16-key sensor keypad
  • Buzzer


The device reads users fingerprint and establishes his/her identity; the relevant clock-in/clock-out event is recorded in the terminal.

The terminal compares the fingerprint scanned with digital templates database stored in its memory: if identification is successful, LED illuminates green and employees name and event type appears on LCD Display, otherwise LED flashes red.

In network mode , the fingerprint templates database is uploaded to the terminal automatically from BioTime server.

Employees also can be identified by Mifare cards or PIN-code.

Identification options

  • Fingerprints
  • Mifare contactless cards
  • PIN-code
  • Combination of identifiers (PIN + fingerprint)

Employee Notification on Successful/Failed Identification

  • On-screen text messages
  • Color indication
  • Voice messages

BioLink FingerPass TM & BioTime

Biometric terminal BioLink FingerPass TM is intended to be used as a component of BioLink BIOTIME T&A system.

Real-time registration of check-in/check-out events through fingerprints; collected events are automatically synchronized with the BioTime server

If the network is temporarily unavailable, the terminal operates in a standalone mode; clock-in/clock-out records are accumulated in the terminal flash-memory to be subsequently uploaded to the BioTime server once connection is restored.

Centralized management, diagnostics and adjustment of settings of terminals

Optionally, the terminal can be used without network connection. In this case collection of clock in/clock out events is performed in a standalone mode. To have this data synchronized, it can be copied to a notebook with BioTime software installed for subsequent transfer to the central BioTime server.

Installation & Application

  • Requires 12V power supply and Ethernet cable

                                               BioLink FingerPass TM

  Identifiers  Fingerprint

  Contactless smart cards

  PIN code

  Fingerprint + PIN code
  Types of Cards  Mifare / HID / iClass
  Access Control  No
  Tamper Detection Alarm  No
  OS  Linux
  Identification Speed
  ≤ 1 sec
  Fingerprint capacity/Cards in Memory
   3 000
  Clock-in/Clock-out Events in Memory
  50 000
  ≤ 0,0001%
  ≤ 0,01%
  Ethernet 100 Mb/s

  RS-232/485 (Input/Output)
  Power Supply
  5 V / 2
  64*38 mm LCD Display
  Bi-color LED
  Dimensions (LxHxW)
  190*140*57 mm
  Operating Temperature Range
  0C to 45C
  Wall-mounted device
  Operation Modes