BioLink’s Biometric Solutions for Universities and Colleges

In any educational environment, there is a certain level of attendance to be met, in order for the students to receive grades. At the same time, students are widely recognized for their innovative ideas on how to cheat the system and falsely increase their attendance levels using a set of tricks.

Using BioLink identification systems, the chance of fraud is eliminated, as student attendance is verified by their unique biological parameters. Additionally, using biometric identification solutions, your data security levels will reach greater heights, as the access to sensitive information will be based on biometric verification.

The following BioLink products will increase data safety, and eliminate the chance of false attendance logging in your educational institution:

BioTime EDU

BioTime EDU allows you to easily monitor student attendance with the help of biometric identification methods. Using unique body parameters, the system is able to instantly and unmistakably verify the identity of students, dismissing the chance of fake registration of attendance.

BioLink IDenium

Utilizing BioLink’s patent matching algorithms, BioLink IDenium instantly verifies the identity and the respective security access level of your employees. This way you can eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access to certain workplace areas or sensitive data.

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