System Workflow

The system architecture displayed below summarizes the approach for the deployment of all BioLink Voter Registration System components in the distributed operational environment.

BioLink Voter Registration System | Workflow | Biometric Voter ID System

The systemís workflow includes three stages:



During the enrollment phase, using mobile biometric station at the polling centers, the following data is capturing for each voter: four fingerprints, face photo, personal information in text format. The registration process takes 3-5 min per voter on average. Once the enrollment process is finished, the database is uploading to the central via internet connection or encrypted flash drive. 



Upon voters' information delivery to the central site, the processing of the registration data begins.  Central Biometric Server consists of management server, server matchers, database server, LAN and power supply equipment. 

The Central Biometric Server software will process voting records to find duplicate records vs. entire state database, enroll unique records into the database of voters and flag unique records for each polling center. The full operational log will be provided at the end of data processing. After that, the data will be delivered back to polling centers via internet connection or encrypted flash drive. 

Upon returned delivery to polling centers, the data will be replicated automatically, and eligible voters will be appropriately flagged. At this stage, the polling centers will be ready to start accepting votes from the positively flagged voters.


On the Election Day, voters have to attend to the same polling center they were registered at. The mobile biometric station will verify voters, identifying them by their fingerprint. This process takes less than one minute per voter.

Upon successful verification, a digital voting card will automatically be presented, and the voterís attendance will be immediately marked. After this point, a repeated attempt to verify the voter on the same or any other biometric station within a polling center will be prevented. An attempt to vote at other polling center will be rejected as well. 

The operational log will be provided automatically at the end of the Election Day.

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