Today's Challenge

A driver’s license has become de facto a universal identification card that combines driving privileges with specifications of an ID card valid for purchasing goods, cashing checks or registering for rail, sea and air travel.

The flexibility of identify verification that today’s driver’s license provides to its holder in many face-to-face transactions has significantly increased the need to maintain the accuracy and security of personal data.

In order to protect the integrity of credentials and to prevent the issuance of driver licenses to people who are not eligible to receive them a robust verification system is needed.

Furthermore, universal use of drivers’ licenses for identification purposes made these documents a highly valuable target for identity fraud. Fraudsters use multiple identities to commit crimes and escape detection, including financial crimes, auto-theft rings, gang activity and others. In many cases multiple identification documents are legally obtained from government agencies that have not yet implemented technology capable to detect duplication.

BioLink AMIS Performance

With millions of license holders already enrolled into existing databases and hundreds of reviews performed by responsible government officials every day unique identifying characteristics must be employed to distinguish individuals from one another. Technology used to provide such verification must be accurate, fast and secure to ensure identity protection of citizens and to prevent identity fraud.

BioLink Automated Multibiometric Identification System (AMIS) is a leading edge solution for identification of individuals using their biometric credentials. It provides a sophisticated and robust facial/fingerprint recognition algorithm to process thousands queries to look for duplicates on existing drivers’ licenses and identification cards.

BioLink AMIS has a proven record of reliability of multimodal biometric technology. With BioLink’s patent technology a responsible government agency will be able to prevent duplicate and fraudulent DL’s production.

Key Features include:
  • Multi-biometric engine for facial and fingerprint identification
  • Identification (one-to-many) and verification (one-to-one) modes
  • Fast identity search using BioLink’s state-of-art matching algorithm
  • Industry-leading training services and technical support

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