Server Components

Authenteon Cluster Array (ACA) Server

Provides 1-to-many and 1-to-1 fingerprint/facial searching for enrollment or authentication. It also provides dynamic storage of all biometric templates in RAM and persistent storage of all 1-to-many matching algorithms.

Management Server

The Management Server(s) acts as the control front end and transaction manager to the ACA and is the hub of BioLinkAMIS.

Database Server

Provides permanent storage of the client’s specific information as for fingerprints, face images, and demographic information. Currently, AMIS supports the following databases: SQL, Oracle, Informix, DB2.

Client Components

Administrator Workstation

The AMIS administrator WS application provides all required functionality to manage and maintain BioLink AMIS Biometric (ACA) and Management Server applications: management of users’ rights, creating backup copies of database, logs viewing etc.

Investigator Workstation

BioLink AMIS Investigator Workstation (IWS) is intended to conduct potential fraud investigations in driver licenses issuance process. IWS allows to an Investigator to review records of driving license applicantsand run one-to-many biometric match of applicant’s in driver license database.

Also IWS allows Investigator to select any captured image/fingerprint template and request an online (real-time) biometric match to be performed based on the specific face image/fingerprint template selected.

BioLink AMIS - Getting  record from a shared work area queue

IWS displays the list of applicant records and an Investigator takes a record from this list for reviewing. The record becomes unavailable for other Investigators to make sure that only one record is being reviewed by one Investigator. An applicant record includes such information as applicant’s face image, name, address and signature image.

Also a list of closest matched persons from driver license database is displayed automatically by face recognition search. Investigator declines driving license issuance to an applicant if he found him in a matched (suspected) list and specifiesfor authorized personnel the matched person ID number in driver license database.

BioLink AMIS IWS - Match settings dialog

Supervisor Workstation

BioLink AMIS Supervisor WorkStation (SWS) is a special part of Investigative WorkStation (IWS) which allows authorized individuals (Supervisors) to assign records of driving license applicants to specific staff (Investigators) and move a record to the staff’s personal work area.
SWS provides the following functions as well:

  • Setting a number of days when a record can be retained in a personal work area
  • Electronic notification of Supervisor when an item in a personal work area has exceeded the number of days to be retained
  • Search for all investigations assigned to an investigator by investigator name; all investigations being conducted in any of the lists/tabs will be located

BioLink AMIS - Assigning record to investigator

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