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Biometric T&A / Access Control Terminal

Biometric Time & Attendance / Access Control Terminal BioLink FingerPass V8BioLink FingerPass V8 is a premium access control terminal based on biometrics.

Its key benefits are:

  • Highest accuracy due to identification by fingerprints;
  • Communication over Ethernet, Wiegand and RS 232/485 ensuring ease of installation and use both with existing and newly deployed access control systems;
  • Multi-factor authentication (card + fingerprint) for highly secure areas;
  • Multiple means to notify users on successful/failed identification via on-screen messages, audio and color indication.


The device is good at achieving two principal goals any company sets: security and HR management.

The terminal houses an optical fingerprint scanner, contactless card reader, graphic display, keypad and multi-color LEDs. It has a built-in controller to manage door hardware, such as electromagnetic and -mechanical locks, turnstiles and gates.


Upon successful user identification, the terminal signals to open the door or turnstile and records a clock-in/clock-out event.


  • Fingerprints
  • Contactless cards
  • PIN-codes
  • Card + fingerprint

In 1:N operation mode, the device converts a fingerprint image into its digital template to be subsequently compared against the previously enrolled fingerprint models. If the newly produced fingerprint matches any of the models, the current user is granted access.

It is recommended to identify employees of a company by fingerprints and visitors – by temporary visitor passes. To restrict access to critical premises (directors’ offices, server rooms and inventories), the company is urged to use two-factor authentication by card and fingerprint.

Access Schedules. Shared Access

Ordinary employees are allowed to access their work zones within a strictly determined time range (i.e. from 9 AM till 6 PM), while top managers, security staff and system administrators can enter and leave the office on a 24x7x365 basis.

There’s a shared access option to let several persons in upon their consecutive biometric identification within a specified period of time.

User Notification On Successful/Failed Identification

  • On-screen text messages
  • Color indication
  • Voice messages

Ease of Installation & Use

  • Communication interfaces: Ethernet, Wiegand and RS 232/485
  • Remote operation and centralized monitoring of terminals
  • Deployment of terminals in distributed offices and management of their operation from the head office
  • Requirements for mounting: power supply and Ethernet cable
  • Entry/exit button and wireless doorbell included into the delivery set

Personal Data Security

The terminal stores and processes digital templates of fingerprints rather than their images. There’s no restoration of the original fingerprint image from its template.

Integration with BioTime

The BioLink FingerPass NEO terminal operates both as a standalone device and as a component of access control systems (existing and newly developed).

Below are the advantages of combined use of the terminals and BioTime, an advanced T&A/access control system:

  • One-time centralized user enrollment (i.e. by the HR or security personnel), with access rights granted immediately after such enrollment
  • Consolidated management of users, rights and privileges, such as deleting user data from the internal memory of all the terminals once such an employee is dismissed
  • Generation and analysis of various reports on access events and time management
  • Antipass-back feature (a person that failed to clock-out will not be permitted to clock-in, and vice versa)
  • Central supervision, diagnostics and parameter setting of biometric terminals

Technical Specification of BioLink FingerPass V8


  • fingerprints
  • contactless proximity cards
  • PIN-codes
  • contactless card + fingerprint

Types of Cards

  • EM-Marin
  • HID (optional)
  • Mifare (optional)

Max. Read Range

Up to 50 mm

Fingerprint Scanner (embedded)



500 dpi

Fingerprints Templates in Memory

Up to 8000

Events in Memory


FAR (false acceptance rate)

≤ 0.0001%

Communication Interfaces

  • Ethernet (RJ-6, RJ-3, RJ-2, RJ-1)
  • Wiegand (Input/Output)
  • RS-232/485 (Input/Output)
  • USB
  • Wi-Fi (optional)

Nom. Voltage

12 V (DC)

Network Converter

Included into the delivery set


1300 gr

Dimensions (L x H x W)

189 * 136 * 44 mm

Operating Temperature Range

32°F to 105°F (0°C to 45°C)

Recommended Temperature Range for Scanning

23°F to 82°F (10°C to 35°C)


20-80% (non-condensed)

Atmospheric Pressure



Wall-mounted device

Operation Modes

  • Standalone device
  • Part of BioTime