Mobile AFIS Stations

The mobile stations can be used as an enrollment station for electronic fingerprinting, as a terminal of remote access to the Central AFIS resources and as an express ID checking workstation.

The mobile stations provide on-the-spot access to the AFIS databases through any wire communication channel supporting IP connectivity, and through wireless connectivity as well whether it is GSM or CDMA.

BioLink Mobile RS

BioLink Mobile RS is designed to capture all the needed information during the process of booking subjects under any environmental conditions and for real-time identification.

BioLink Automated Fingerprint and Palm Print Identification System | Mobile AFIS Stations

All the components of BioLink Mobile RS are incorporated in two ruggedized transportable cases. With one of these cases, containing a notebook, a fingerprint scanner and a camera, you can quickly and accurately create high quality electronic tenprint cards and verify the identity of subjects in the field. With facilities from another, smaller, container, you can print out any information.

Unit configuration includes:
  1. Notebook, recharger, accumulator package, USB flash drive, DVD-RW
  2. Cart voltage converter, surge filter
  3. DS-45 fingerprint and palmprint scanner
  4. Digital camera, recharger, tripod
  5. GSM modem
  6. Jet printer (A4 size)
  7. Two shockproof cases with mounting accessories inside
  8. Software for mobile booking and express ID checking
  9. Linux OS or Windows OS

BioLink RS Professional Complex

Among the benefits of this mobile complex is its versatility, making it useful for many tasks, and compactness enabling easy transportation. All facilities are housed in a shockproof transportable case.

BioLink RS Professional Complex is especially designed for forensic technicians to provide on-the-spot access to automated fingerprint/palmprint databases and resources for fast and reliable results in any environment.

BioLink RS Professional Complex is able to operate independently, i.e. as a stand-alone BioLink AFIS, booking station or express ID check terminal, or to be a part of a network operating as a remote BioLink AFIS station.

BioLink Automated Fingerprint and Palm Print Identification System | Mobile AFIS Stations

Standard configuration includes:

  1. Notebook computer, mouse, USB flash drive, DVD/CD-RW drive, recharger, accumulator package
  2. All needed software components for remote ID checking, preparing examination reports, input of tenprints and latent prints, real-time identification
  3. Car voltage converter, power filter
  4. GSM modem
  5. DS-30N fingerprint scanner
  6. Flatbed scanner (A4 size)
  7. Rechargeable portable printer (A4 size)
  8. Digital camera, recharger, tripod
  9. Ruggedized transportable suitcase


DPP-5 is a compact handheld device with an embedded fingerprint scanner that is especially designed for the growing needs within in-the-field identity checks through enquiries to the AFIS databases using subjects’ touch fingerprints.

BioLink Automated Fingerprint and Palm Print Identification System | Mobile AFIS Stations           Mobile AFIS Stations

Equipped with a high-resolution touchscreen, 37-key keyboard, and a built-in card reader (SMARTCARD) for the verification of ID documents.

Key features include
  1. Fast and accurate fingerprint acquisition
  2. Immediate compression and transmission of fingerprint images for AFIS database search
  3. Automatic feedback and display of identification results
  4. Remote access to the BioLink AFIS resources from anywhere and at any time
  5. Concurrent identity checks across multiple AFIS databases

Technical Specifications ››

Fingerprint Acquisition Area

20 § 15 mm

Image Resolution

500 dpi

Scanning Time per Fingerprint

Less than 5 seconds

Connectivity for AFIS Searches

EDGE/GPRS/GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth

External Interface

USB, Ethernet, RS-232

LCD Display

680 § 480 pixels, touch-screen

SMARTCARD Reader Interface (DPP-5)

ISO 14443 A/B;  ISO 7816

Battery life

12 hours


156 § 183 § 53 mm


1 kg