BioLink’s Biometric Solutions for Banking & Finance

Mishandling sensitive information and compromised data security can be devastating in the financial sector. As banks handle important customer data, the importance of data security is greater than ever. Properly handling customer data is one of the defining factors in a trustful and honest relationship between the bank and its clients.

For maximum security and improved task handling, you need a system that leaves no room for error in the customer identification process. Just as importantly, a robust internal employee identification system minimizes the chance of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

BioLink offers the following products for banks and financial organizations:

BioLink IDenium 

BioLink IDenium® is a high-performance biometric authentication, password management and single sign-on (SSO) solution integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, which allows you to increase security level and reduce password management costs. This system completely replaces the unsecure password-based security systems.

BioLink SDK 

BioLink SDK allows integration of biometric identifiers into any customer applications. Such parameters as fingerprints can be used to verify identity for access to the bank account.

BioLink BioTime 

BioTime ensures that employee time is tracked and managed efficiently and unmistakably. Using biometric identification, the system logs employee attendance and work time in all branches.

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Halyk Bank, Kazakhstan (9000 Workstations)

The largest commercial bank of Kazakhstan implements BioLink IDenium for fast, secure and convenient way of accessing the corporate apps and information systems.

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