Biometric Hardware for Voter Enrollment and Identification 

Mobile Biometric Handheld Terminal 

Handheld Biometric Terminal from BioLink is a mobile, easy-to-use and high-performance device that provides efficient and reliable method of identity management across high-volume civil identification projects. 

Its durable and rugged exterior is protected against unauthorized opening and is ideal for field operating environments. Key features include:
  • Integrated small-size optical fingerprint sensor with high identification performance
  • Support of smart cards, GPS, GPRS, BlueTooth and WiFi 
  • Low power consumption and long time for standby, special  energy-saving design promised longer time use
  • Adopted lithium-ion battery. The charger recognition system has big storage capacity which can be expanded as per requirement
  • IP54 available

Mobile Biometric Kit 

The Mobile Biometric Kit is a rugged, easy-to-use and configure, portable biometric system for voters’ enrollment and identification at the polling centers. 

Based on biometric fingerprint technology or other optional types of biometrics such as face, IRIS, voice etc., Mobile Biometric Kit provides state-of-art functionality for reliable identification of millions of people.  

BioLink Voter Registration System | Mobile Biometric Kit for Voters' Enrollment

The Mobile Biometric Kit is ideal for deployment in areas where you need a powered biometric system in an easy to carry and deploy package. Some of the benefits include:  

  • Contains a full laptop computer
  • Has enough space to support a variety of configurations, including thermal label and ID printers, fingerprint scanners, high resolution web camera or off the shelf camera, LAN connection or wireless e.g. GPRS
  • The ability to operate for up to ten hours on battery power without need for local AC power
  • Housed in a ruggedized case that is completely water-resistant, with an automatic pressure valve, that can survive most harsh environments in the world

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