BioLinkís Advanced Biometric Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Nowadays, the healthcare industry not only provides medical care, but must also ensure the patients with access to their medical history and clinical information. Obviously, patients expect this information to be stored and handled securely, prohibiting any disclosure to third parties.

With the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), healthcare providers are legally responsible for safeguarding the patientsí data. Therefore, itís in your best interests to utilize data handling and patient identification systems that eliminate the chance of a data leak.

BioLink provides the best security solutions with a number of robust biometric identification methods. 

The following BioLink products are widely used in the healthcare industry:

BioLink IDenium

BioLink IDenium provides the best internal employee authentication features. Utilizing BioLinkís patent biometric matching algorithms, theIDenium system instantly identifies employees and their respective security level, eliminating any chance of unauthorized access to critical data. This completely replaces the need for insecure and expensive password-based security systems, at the same time significantly increasing the level of security.

BioLink SDK

BioLink SDK allows healthcare professionals to incorporate biometric identifiers in their customersí applications. Using such parameters as fingerprints, voice recognition or iris scanning, customers can be identified instantly and error-free, eliminating the chance of identity theft and/or fraud.

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