BioLink’s Advanced Biometrics for Law Enforcement Agencies

In the world of crime fighting, a quick and precise identification system is absolutely essential. Law enforcement officials have to be able to track and store the identity of suspects, victims and known criminals in a way that leaves no room for error, and is easily accessible on demand.

As practice of the largest law enforcement bureaus shows, using biometric identification systems is the most effective solution. The ability to instantly identify a person by a combination of unique biological parameters ensures maximum productivity and security.

BioLink offers the following products for local and national law enforcement agencies:

BioLink AFIS

BioLink AFIS is an automated fingerprint and palm print identification system designed for the creation and maintenance of large databases of tenprints, fingers, and palm latents collected from crime scenes.

The most important features of the product include:

  • Personal identification by fingerprints and palm prints
  • Real-time identification by a single print when performing in-the-field identity checks
  • Identification of the unknown dead
  • Ascertainment of implication in past crimes
  • Consolidation of crimes committed by one and the same person

BioLink IDenium

High-performance biometric authentication, password management and single sign-on (SSO) solution integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, which allows to increase security level and reduce password management costs.

Key features include:

  • Unlike passwords, biometric authentication system can’t be tricked or bypassed, and don’t require regular changes to maintain security
  • Eliminate the chance of unauthorized access from both internal and external persons, identifying employees by their unique biological parameters

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Allen County Sheriff’s Office

Allen County Ohio, in conjunction with the Allen County Sheriff’s Office, the top law enforcement agency in Allen County Ohio, selects BioLink IDenium to protect both desktops and mobile terminals across all country-wide organizations.

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