Advanced Biometric Solutions for Strong Security,

Efficient Attendance Management and Reliable Civil Identification.

Password Management and Single Sign-On (SSO)

Password Management and Single Sign-On (SSO)
Enterprise Biometric Logon, Password Management and Single Sign-On(SSO) System.
  • Network biometric logon
  • Centralized management via Active Directory
  • Biometric SSO for any apps and web apps
  • Authentication in virtualized environment
  • Collection of authentication logs

Biometric Attendance Management

Employees Time & Attendance System
BioTime EDU
Student Attendance Management System

Biometric Software Development Kit (SDK)

BioLink SDK
Easy and fast integration of fingerprint biometrics into any applications
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Large-Scale Civil ID Solutions

Automated Multibiometric Identification System
for real-time identification of large groups of individuals (hundreds of millions).
Biometric Voter Registration System
Fast and accurate biometric verification of each voter’s identity
Automated Fingerprint Identification System
AFIS/APIS designed for local, regional and national Law Enforcement agencies
Biometric Driver License ID System
Fast and reliable verification of the license holder to eliminate duplicate and fraudulent driver licenses.

Biometric Hardware