BioLink’s Biometric Solutions for Retail Companies

For any retail company to be successful, employee time must be managed properly. Let’s face the truth – as much as you trust your employees, they can at times be unfair to you, especially in terms of work time logging. Those companies that use manual work time tracking methods have certainly experienced cases when an employee logs more time than they actually spend working.

BioLink provides the best biometric identification systems to help track and monitor individual employee work time, at the same time ensuring maximum safety for corporate data. The following BioLink products are widely used in the retail industry:

BioLink BioTime

BioTime provides easy employee work time tracking and monitoring in all branches. Identifying people by their unique biometric parameters, BioTime instantly verifies and logs employee attendance.

BioLink IDenium

BioLink IDenium instantly verifies the identity and the respective security access level of your employees. This eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to certain workplace areas or data.

BioLink SDK

BioLink SDK allows you to incorporate biometric technologies into any corporate applications (ERP, CRM systems etc.)to  speeds up the process of customer identity verification, and reduces the chance of identity theft, fraud and forgery.

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