BioLinkís Advanced Biometrics for Governmental Programs

With national security requirements increasing every day, governments are in need of the best technology to ensure public safety within the country. At any given time, the security solutions used by governments need to be one step ahead of those available in the public sector, to ensure nothing compromises national security. One of the key factors - having robust civil identification solutions, in order to improve border control and other identification processes, and minimize the chance of identity theft, fraud and forgery.

BioLink Solutions provides a wide range of biometric identification systems capable of handling large amounts of data. Our solutions enable governmental institutions to identify people by unique biological parameters quickly and unmistakably.

All BioLink products use a wide range of biometric parameters such as voice, iris, fingerprints or handwriting for quick and error-free identification. The key uses for BioLinkís products in governmental sector are:

  • Voter registration and identification by fingerprint, iris, voice etc.
  • Border control via passport and/or national ID card verification, using biological parameters
  • Driverís license and professional ID card verification with biometric identifiers
  • Population census using biometrics

For government use, BioLink offers the following products:

BioLink BVRS, biometric voter registration system that allows to enroll and identify millions of voters quickly and unmistakably. Using biometric identifiers, the possibility of election fraud is minimized, at the same time considerably accelerating the voter identification process.

BioLink AMIS, an automated multi-biometric identification systemfor large-scale civil-id applications: border control, population census, e-passport, social service programs etc.

BioLink Driver ID System that allows responsible government agency to prevent duplicate and fraudulent DLís production with reliable biometric identification/verification of the driver license holder

BioLink Case Studies

Nigerian Voter ID System (60 million voters)

Population Census of Angola (7.5 million people)

Nigerian ECOWAS Electronic Smart Passport (6.5 million people)

Hawaiiís Driver License Program (150,000 people)

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