BioLink's Partners

BioLink has been a successful and influential player in the biometric market since the year 1999. We are deeply engaged in biometrics and its integration with competing identification techniques. We are ready to share our extensive experience and expertise with partnering companies. Our company has more than 30 technology partners and official distributors all around the globe.

Unique fingerprint matching techniques, a variety of software and hardware solutions, and considerable experience on target markets across the globe, highly-qualified engineers and marketing specialists – all these resources are at the disposal of companies partnering with BioLink Solutions.

What are the benefits of being a BioLink partner? Firstly, it is the ability to timely address all customers' needs and meet challenges for diverse authentication solutions, intended to secure corporate data, control physical access, manage employee time and attendance, confirm financial and accounting transactions, render banking services and more.


BioLink offers its partners the following benefits:

  • Discounted pricing for branded products and services
  • Free technical support and pre-sales advice
  • Product downloads, marketing brochures and promotional material
  • Information and marketing support, as well as reimbursement of marketing expenses 
  • Personnel training and certification
  • Product samples for demo and testing purposes

A company willing to establish partner relations with BioLink determines an appropriate partner status it can gain: Value-Added Reseller or Authorized Partner. 

For a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) to benefit from joining the BioLink partner network, all that is required is to enter into a partner agreement and make an initial purchase of biometric software and equipment (for further re-sale and/or demo purposes for potential customers).

An Authorized Partner additionally benefits from significant discounts, a technical support hotline, vendor's recommendations for tenders and competitions, and reimbursement of marketing expenses. In return, Authorized Partners guarantee fulfillment of agreed sales plans.

If you want to become our partner or reseller, give us a call today or complete this partner registration form and send it