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BioTime EDU is a powerful, intuitive yet flexible Student Management system. Not only will you be able to track and manage student attendance to a granular level, BioTime EDU will keep you notified of students VISA and Passport expiration dates as well as retaining important documents such as their CAS, ATAS, VISA and BRP.

The UKBA are tougher now than ever before, and maintaining Tier 4 sponsorship status is vital for educational establishments to retain their primary source of income – international students. Is it really worth the risk?

Friendly and Easy-to-use Administrator Interface

BioTime EDU’s user-friendly interface makes even the most complex tasks quick and easy. Reporting settings, Email alerts, Schedules, Students profiles – all the tools you need to manage your student’s attendance are easy to use and set up.

Student Data

BioTime EDU allows you to store comprehensive data for each student, including:

•    Sponsorship start and end dates
•    Address, email address and telephone number
•    Agent used
•    Visa Start and Expiration Dates
•    Passport Start and Expiration Dates

BioTime EDU also allows you to attach a scanned version of each student’s documents; such as passport CAS, ATAS, Biometric Residence Permit and Visa.


Creating and managing a new course or student timetable is simple and allows you to set the expected number of hours of attendance per week. The system also maintains a list of staff members, who will receive e-mail alerts if any student does not attend their expected hours of class or if their attendance is below the required percentage (e.g. 80%, 85%).

Student Individual Year Table

Every student has their own Attendance Year Table, which shows full details of their attendance, absence, authorised holidays, sickness, placements etc. Now you will always have a clear picture of every student’s attendance throughout the academic year!

Control of Unauthorized Absences

As soon as a student’s unauthorized absence reaches the UKBA limit of 10, BioTime EDU will automatically send an email to the international team alerting them of the situation. Action can then be taken to alert the UKBA. In addition, the system also has an ‘early warning’ feature, which sends an email alert to both the student and the tutor so that early action can be taken to resolve the issue before it has to be reported to the UKBA.

Comprehensive Reporting System

BioTime EDU system provides a comprehensive set of reports, including:

Unauthorized Absence Report which shows all students who have unauthorized absences between the dates you set

Attendance Report shows all students who have an attendance rate on or below required percentage (e.g. 80%, 85%).

Location Report shows where selected students have last clocked in, and the time of this clock-in.

Classroom Monitoring Report highlights all students who are present and not present in their classes.  This will automatically run 15 minutes after each class starts, and is emailed to the international team who can hand these out to the teachers for a manual headcount.

All reports can be sent to a pre-defined list of e-mail address, and can be run on an automated schedule. This could be ‘1st day of each month’, ‘once per week’, ‘once per day’ or between 2 set dates. All reports can output in Word, Excel or PDF formats.

Email Alerts module

BioTime EDU provides automatic email alerts to remove the hassle of keeping tabs on the vast amount of information universities and colleges have to store and report on to the UKBA. You will be alerted on unauthorized absences, as well as Visa and Passport expiration dates.

Control Access to Classrooms

BioTime EDU system also allows you to control physical access to the classroom. Through the use of Biometric Terminals, access to secured areas such as labs, stock rooms, research facilities and senior management offices can be protected from unauthorized access.