biotimeBiometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control

Apart from being an advanced time and attendance tracking solution, BioLink BioTime is a powerful and extremely scalable access control tool that can be used by companies of any size, from small business to large corporations with multiple locations.


BioTime seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. It supports turnstiles and other physical access control devices, including 2-door security booths, gates and electromagnetic/electromechanical locks, which is especially important if your company uses different types of biometric terminals at different locations.

Simple configuration

BioTime is easy to deploy and configure for use with new or existing equipment. Forget about weeks of installation, configuration and testing BioTime is ready to work out-of-the-box! Just define the list of premises to control, build a list of authorized personnel, define access rules and schedules and hook up your biometric terminals. Your fingerprint access control system is ready!

Schedules and Reports

BioTime enables you to create flexible access rules for individual employees or groups of employees. If you need your warehouse to become accessible for delivery staff from 6AM, but want to deny them access to your main office building till you are there at 7.30AM, it can be done with a couple of mouse clicks. BioTime makes the creation of personalized access schedules a snap!

BioTime fingerprint access control: access schedule settings

"We wanted to replace our existing system with one that would not only provide our facility with multi-factor secured entry, but also allow us to easily track whoever came in and out of any protected areas with one cohesive system. We�re happy with the level of integration that BioTime provides us."
Paul Di Benedetto, Managing Partner, Data Centers Canada

One-to-one Identification

Due to their importance to your business or potential dangers from hazardous materials stored within, some premises must be made off-limits to certain groups of employees. This can be easily done with the help of one-to-one identification that enables you to use additional security methods, such as a combination of fingerprint scanning, identification by a smart-card and a PIN code.