biotimeBiometric Time and Attendance

Biometric Time and Attendance

Human fingerprints are absolutely unique and cannot be forged, copied, stolen or borrowed, as often are regular smart cards. This is their key advantage over conventional access control methods, such as PIN codes, access cards or keys. Time and attendance tracking based on biometric technologies is most reliable, accurate and cost-efficient method of controlling your employees.

In 74% of companies using card systems for time and attendance tracking and access control, employees mark their arrivals/departures by buddy punching, exchanging cards.
Study from Nucleus Research

BioTime uses the potential of biometric identification technology to the fullest and offers a large number of useful features.


With BioTime you can flexibly configure personal and group work schedules. Take care of part-timers and interns, maintenance engineers and security guys – everyone working non-standard hours or visiting your company on specific days only.

BioTime fingerprint time and attendance: scheduling module

Flexible Reporting System

BioTime time & attendance and access control system: reports BioTime time & attendance and access control system: reports There is no point in collecting data without using it properly afterwards. BioTime provides you with great-looking and ultimately detailed reports covering every check-in and check-out in the system, any location change and a complete summary of users’ working hours.

BioTime provides HR-managers and business owners with a one-click method of taking a snapshot of the company’s performance.

Automated Payroll Calculation

Monitoring results can be easily exported to a file for further processing in your accounting software. BioTime automatically tracks the total time worked, the time worked at nights, duration of overtimes – everything that, multiplied by an agreed base rate, produces the amount to be paid.

BioTime system: automated payroll calculation

Support for a large branch network

The client-server architecture of BioTime makes it completely suitable for companies of all sizes and with any number of offices. The data collected by remote servers is always sent to the central server, so you can efficiently monitor the performance of your subsidiaries without leaving your own workplace. No matter how geographically distributed your business is, you will always stay informed.

Easy integration with other corporate systems

The BioTime SDK (software development link) makes it possible to integrate biometric time and attendance features into existing corporate CRM and ERP systems used in your company. This provides a new level of wokforce management.