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Case Study: Data Centers Canada selects BioTime for biometric access control

“We wanted to replace our existing system with one that would not only provide our facility with multi-factor secured entry, but also allow us to easily track whoever came in and out of any protected areas with one cohesive system.We’re happy with the level of integration that BioFortress provides us”
Paul Di Benedetto, Managing Partner, Data Centers Canada

Case Study: Lake Eve Resort chooses BioTime to eliminate buddy punching

“BioTime is a flexible and scalable biometric fingerprint time and attendance system that grants businesses, like Lake Eve Resort, the Ability to track their employee’s schedules and to reduce fraud prevalent in older non-biometric systems such as punch card clocks. With biometrics, BioTime ensures businesses that work times reported are correct and attendance is verified by the fingerprint of the employee”
Alberta Myles, Lake Eve Resort’s Accountant

Case Study: Ross University selects BioTime for student attendance tracking

“It’s important for us to make sure our students are attending classes and labs to fulfill their graduation requirements. With BioTime and the FingerPass wall-mounted terminals, we can ensure these future doctors are spending the time they need to excel in their education. BioTime lets us manage attendance with a level of certainty and precision we didn’t have previously”
Crispin Wallace, IT manager, Ross University

Case Study: Pinnacle Environmental selects BioTime for remote time & attendance

“The BioTime system increases our efficiency, effectiveness, and reach. Instead of having to depend on information from workers on their hours, we now get accurate information via a system that is almost impossible to fake”
Ray Kinsella, Pinnacle Environmental Corp’s Project Manager