biotimeReturn on Investment

Return on Investment

"Bottom line The BioTime system paid for itself within the first week! We cut our salaries & external resources expenses by almost 40% in the first month"
Alberta Myles, Lake Eve Resort

Purchase of the biometric system BioTime is a step towards more effective company management.

This is not an expense, but a profitable investment.

According to data from the U.S. Social Security system, the average salary is $40,000 a year. If an employee is late by just 10 minutes and leaves 10 minutes before the end of the workday, the employer's losses come to $1000 per year for each employee.

With a staff of 100 persons, the financial losses come to $50,000 a year. This is serious money for any company, and it is in the interest of any manager to minimize these losses.

Implementation of the BioTime system will make it possible for your company not only to optimize and automate the time and attendance tracking process, but also to significantly improve financial indicators due to more precise data for payroll calculation.

The table below gives the figures for return on investment when purchasing the BioTime system. The calculation has been made on the basis of statistics from U.S. Social Security and the estimate that 50% of company employees will lose 20 minutes from each workday due to late arrivals and early departures.