biotimeBioTime EDU System Overview

BioTime EDU helps you to meet the UKBA requirements for Tier 4 sponsorship compliance. Most of these are related to time-keeping, and ensuring that student attendance on courses that they are here to study is within strict, acceptable limits.

The UKBA are tougher now than ever before, and maintaining Tier 4 sponsorship status is vital for educational establishments to retain their primary source of income Ė international students. Is it really worth the risk?

What is BioTime EDU?

BioTime EDU is a powerful, intuitive yet flexible Student Management system, fully complying with the latest UKBA regulations for Tier 4 sponsorship. Not only will you be able to track and manage student attendance to a granular level, BioTime EDU will keep you notified of students VISA and Passport expiration dates as well as retaining important documents such as their CAS, ATAS, VISA and BRP.

How does it work?

With BioTime EDU, your students will register their arrival and departure at the Class using a biometric clock-in terminal.

Fingerprint identification ensures that a student registering is indeed that student, because fingerprints are unique to every person on Earth. In fact, even identical twins donít share the same fingerprints.

After enrollment on the system, the students biometric data is entered into the BioTime EDU database and then will be used for reporting and e-mail alerts generation.

How it helps?

BioTime EDU provides you with most accurate student attendance management with a high level of ROI through reduced administration time, and costs. It also ensures that you meet and, importantly, maintain the standards required by the UKBA for Tier 4 accreditation.