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BioTime FingerPass T5

Biometric Terminal for Time & Attendance Management and Access Control

BioTime FingerPass ̉5 is the effective device for managing staff attendance and working hours. The terminal helps to restrict access to office buildings by controlling electromagnetic or electromechanical locks, turnstiles and gateways.

Key features

  • Advanced compact design
  • Color touch screen
  • Non-volatile internal memory
  • Built-in CPU

As à component of BioTime Biometric system, FingerPass ̉5 offers the following features:

  • Centralized management of terminals distributed throughout a company via the centralized console
  • Fault tolerance: in case of à local network failure, a terminal switches to à stand-alone mode; upon network recovery, the terminal sends stored info to BioTime server
  • API for data exchange with payroll, HR, ERP and other 3-d party IT systems allows, for instance, to export employees personal data from HR system to BioTime and import working hours information to a payroll system for salary calculation
  • Automatic sending of SMS to employees being late and - if necessary - to their managers
  • Mobile application for managing staff attendance
  • The large number of default working schedules and reports provided with interface for creating custom reports


  • An employee touches fingerprint scanner at T5 terminal
  • ̉5 scans the fingerprint and converts it into à “digital model”
  • The model is compared with the one saved during the employee's registration
  • lf the models match, ̉5 clocks in/out the employee and sends à command to open lock or gate

Fingerprint images are not saved during or after the identification procedure.

̉5 uses a one-way function to form “digital model” or “biometric ID” from a fingerprint image, so the fingerprint image cannot be restored back from it.

̉5 also supports contactless cards, for example, for registration of visitors.

Advantages of Biometrics

Biometric technologies used in ̉5 exclude manipulations with working hours and provide reliable access control.

Fingerprints serve as unique IDs that cannot be transferred, forgotten or lost.

Visitor registration can be provided via contactless cards.

Fingerprints Registration

It is recommended to register thumb and forefinger of each employee.

Fingerprints can be registered using ̉5 terminal or via U-Match 7.5 USB scanner which may be installed in HR department or security service office.

Usage Restrictions

The terminal is intended for using in small and medium-sized enterprises with staff up to 750 people.

The terminal can be installed at any place where à power and LAN sockets are available.

Technical Specification of BioTime FingerPass T5

Supported identifires

  • Fingerprints
  • Contactless cards

Fingerprint scanner type


Fingerprint scanner resolution

500 dpi

Number of fingerprints stored in internal memory

Up to 1,500

Number of checkout events stored in internal memory


Contactless card scanner type


Number of supported cards



  • TCP/IP
  • Wiegand input/output
  • RS485
  • USB

Supported external devices

  • Electromagnetic
  • Electromechanical locks
  • Turnstiles
  • Gateways wickets
  • Exit buttons

User interfaces

  • Voice notifications
  • Display messages

LCD touchscreen

  • Multicolor
  • 2.8 inches diagonal

Rated supply voltage, V

12 D.C.

Amperage, A


Dimensions (length*height*depth), mm


Working temperature

0 to +45 °Ñ


20% - 80% (non-condensing)

Form factor

Wall-mounted casing device

Use cases

  • As a component of BioTime system
  • As a separate device