Enterprise Biometric Authentication 

BioLink IDenium® allows you to replace insecure, expensive passwords with fingerprint, iris, vein or multifactor authentication in Windows/domain, any corporate application, websites and web resources

IDenium system provides following authentication options:

  • by fingerprint or iris
  • by fingerprint and finger vein
  • by fingerprint/vein/iris & smart card
  • by fingerprint/vein/iris & password
  • by password


IDenium® supports all up-to-date Windows operating system family: 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit).



Authentication in Terminal Services
With BioLink IDenium® you can use strong biometric authentication in virtualized environment (Citrix XenApp, Microsoft RDP and RDWEB).

Centralized User Management via Active Directory Tools

IDenium® biometric authentication system is fully integrated into Microsoft Active Directory and provides centralized management of user's credentials & access rights, as well as easy installation of client components via AD group policies.

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Biometric Single Sign-On

Biometric Single Sign-On (SSO) will help you reduce password related Help Desk calls and prevent corporate data fraud thanks to implementing strong biometric authentication to any corporate applications (ERP, CRM systems etc.) and web resources.

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Centralized collection of authentication logs

BioLink IDenium® automatically collects all authentication logs to Microsoft SQL and allows you to track which users were getting access to specific PC and corporate applications.

Wide Range of Supported HW

IDenium® system can operate with our branded BioLink U-Match fingerprint readers as well as models from other vendors or embedded in your laptop. See the full list of supported biometric scanning devices here   

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