BioLink AMIS Case Studies

Download some of our case studies and learn more about BioLink AMIS performance in Civil-ID, E-Passport, Driver License, Law Enforcement and other applications.

Nigeria Voter Registration (60 million voters)

The Nigerian government (Western Africa) represented by the Independent Nigerian Election Commission (INEC) selected BioLink to implement a biometric-based voter registration system to ensure the unique enrollment of an estimated 60 million voters.

Population Census of Angola (7.5 million people)

BioLink participated in a large identification project to create the population register of Angola citizens based on the database containing their biometric identifiers (fingerprints). The project covering the whole country totals over 7.5 million people.

Nigerian ECOWAS Electronic Smart Passport (6.5 million people)

BioLink Solutions delivers its core AFIS technologies to build a biometric matching engine for Harmonized ECOWAS Electronic Smart Passport project in Nigeria.

E-Passports for Senegal (3 million people)

BioLink is engaged in the design and implementation of the Electronic Passport System in Senegal involving fingerprinting of the Senegalese crossing the country’s borders.

Maldivian Passports (350,000 people)

BioLink integrats its innovative fingerprint biometrics in the key travel document of the Republic of the Maldives – the passport.

Homeless Person Identification System in San Francisco (150,000 people)

The City & County of San Francisco Department of Human Services installed a turn-key, web-based homeless person identification system using BioLink’s U-Match Input Devices, Authenteon Cluster Array (ACA) and Automated Multi-biometric Information System (AMIS).

Hawaii’s Driver License Program (150,000 people)

BioLink delivers its fingerprint biometrics for the State of Hawaii’s Driver License Program. The upgrade of the driver license system reinforces the ‘one driver – one license’ principle, designed to increase driver license security.