BioLink AMIS Key Features

BioLink AMIS is a multi-biometric system for strong and reliable real-time identification of middle and large groups of individuals. Through the combination of the core technology and implementation methodology, BioLink AMIS provides the most appropriate price/performance metrics and total cost of ownership in the industry for large scale biometric identification projects.

Award-Winning Multibiometric Engine

BioLink AMIS multibiometrics

BioLink AMIS supports wide range of identification modes, including:

  • Fingerprints
  • Face
  • Iris
  • Voice

System offers robust performance and supreme speed (hundreds of thousands of matches per second) and requires little or no experience in biometrics. Using the fusion of facial and fingerprint biometrics BioLink ensures high facial throughput and fingerprint reliability. BioLink AMIS is compatible with the branded U-Match fingerprint scanners as well as with the scanners produced by the industry leading manufacturers.

Unlimited Scalability

BioLink AMIS Civil Id

BioLink AMIS covers a wide spectrum of national identification tasks that require fast, simple and reliable real-time identification of large groups of individuals. In today’s world governments require robust identification systems for purposes of national security, border control and civil identification. Whether used to accurately authenticate valid national ID cards, verificate voter's identity on Election Day or prevent illegal crossings or smuggling BioLink AMIS reduces forgeries and global identity fraud as well as curbs illegal activities by way of preventing repeated issuance of the identification document to the same person.

Quick Database Search

BioLink AMIS provides fast and simple database search mechanism that allows using various biometric characteristics (fingerprint, iris, face) and/or other personal information (ID number, name) to find the enrolled person. To facilitate database navigation search requests can contain filters for various biometric identifiers and additional demographic information. For greater flexibility BioLink AMIS supports converting any input data such as paper, single and tenprint optical scanners into one standard format.

One-to-One (1:1),One-to-Many (1:N) Matching Modes

BioLink AMIS provides reliable identification of middle and large population groups in real time. Its matching engines allow for fast and robust identification (one-to-many mode) and verification (one-to-one biometric comparison) once the individual has been appropriately enrolled in the database. Once a match is found, the unique record identifiers returned to the operator who can then look up for any related information based on the fingerprint match.

Compliance with the International Standards

BioLink AMIS is fully compliable with the requirements of the industry standard BioAPI, International Standards Organization (ISO) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It supports the following standards:

BioLink AMIS Standarts Compliant
  • BioAPI
  • WSQ
  • INCITS 378
  • ANSI/NIST-ITL-1-2000 data
  • ISO/IEC 19794-4
  • ISO/IEC 19794-2 and others.

Modular and Flexible Architecture

BioLink AMIS is an offering for building, deploying and maintaining large-scaled biometric authentication applications. However, being a scalable solution, it is also designed to implement cutting-edge biometric technologies into the infrastructure of the existing identification systems. BioLink AMIS includes both server SDK and client SDK with the later providing support of fingerprint and face capturing and template creation. BioLink’s qualified team of experts can provide full support during the integration stage and perform installation, initial configuration and commissioning of the system.