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Authenteon Server

BioLink Authenteon servers are designed to manage access to corporate information resources:


  • They are used to store users' biometric credentials and other confidential information (encryption keys, e-signatures, digital certificates, etc.)
  • They process identification requests from user workstations, NT domain controllers, identification devices, etc


The key benefits of BioLink Authenteon servers are as follows:


  • A cost-effective solution for any corporate scale
  • Ease of integrating advanced biometrics into corporate information systems
  • Centralized management of user rights and permissions
  • Reduction of password-related costs
  • Preservation of existing corporate network infrastructure


These advantages of BioLink Authenteon serve for the benefit of high-tech enterprises which strive to streamline information security issues. Biometric identification servers, used alongside BioLink U-Match fingerprint scanners and the related biometric software, constitute a single, integrated solution for a high level of security and fault-tolerance of business processes.